Why Use a Remote Service Provider?

How important are pharmacy services in your facility? Then why are they offered only 30% - 50% of the time?

Approximately 70% of hospitals are unable to provide 24-hour pharmacy services.

  • Interpretation of physician orders and providing drug information are two of the pharmacist’s most important functions. These can be done from anywhere!
  • You can embrace technology and provide pharmacist services 24 hours per day for as little as 30% of your normal staffing costs.

How many medication questions do pharmacists answer each day? How many each night? Why are these questions NOT being asked…..because no one wants to bother the pharmacist on call?

Did you know physicians confirmed an error in more than 90% of orders questioned by pharmacists?

  • Increase the availability of drug information to your physicians and nursing staff.
  • This year more than 7,000 people will die because of medication errors. Many errors happen when the pharmacy is closed. Most of these errors can be prevented.
  • Let Pharmacy Support Services help you decrease medication errors and take steps toward the next generation of pharmacy services.

Would you like to increase your staff satisfaction?

Would your pharmacist like to arrive each morning “caught up”?

  • Have ALL medication orders reviewed and verified by a pharmacist PRIOR to administration to patients.
  • Comply with all regulatory recommendations including ASHP and JCAHO.