Remote Order Review & Verification

Pharmacy Support Services offers Remote Order Entry and Physician Order Review/Verification to provide prospective medication order review allowing you to increase your hours of operation. Patient safety and reduction of medication errors are convincing reasons to utilize these services in addition to many more benefits. The Joint Commission recognizes medication errors and have MM 4.10 in place to address prospective vs. retrospective order review.

Advanced Pharmacy Services

  • Decrease time to first dose
  • Reduce errors utilizing prospective order review
  • Improve patient safety
  • Resolve drug-related issues quickly
  • Therapeutic interchanges utilizing your formulary substitutions
  • Decrease nurse overrides from Automated Dispensing Machines

Inter-department Benefits


  • Increase clinical pharmacist activities by reducing time spent on order entry
  • Easier to recruit and retain hard to find pharmacists
  • Improve overall job satisfaction of both pharmacy and nursing staff
  • Flat hourly rates regardless of order volume
  • No worrying about staff vacation or sick timeā€¦let us cover it


  • Improve productivity by allowing nurses to spend more time with nursing functions vs. pharmacy functions
  • Access to drug information without having to bother on-call staff
  • Have pharmacy generated MARS on new admissions
  • Decrease nursing overrides from Automated Dispensing Machines


  • Cost effective solution to increase pharmacy operations
  • Provide a licensed pharmacist for as little as 30% of your normal costs
  • Flat hourly rates and no costs for benefits such as vacation and healthcare

Accreditation and Regulatory

  • Satisfy The Joint Commission regulations with prospective order review
  • ASHP best practice
  • Increasingly accepted by State Boards of Pharmacy